Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pre-Genesis: A Prelude to Creation. Part One

Before time began, before the here and now, there was G-d.

Without a word spoken, showing the awesome power of the creator, the universe, including the earth, sprung into existence. This was a pre-man universe. If the legends are true, G-d created the angels during this time. This included the three main archangels, Lucifer, the most beautiful and wise, Mich-el, the military leader of the angelic armies of G-d and Gabri-el, the messenger of G-ds Word. Their creation could have been something like this.

A Prelude to the Beginning.

Before this begins, we know that some of you will rebel against us and eventually we will have to banish you from our presence. However, whether you are Ang-el or Adam, you must play out your destiny in order for us to reach the goal. For we desire not to have mindless servants but dedicated and loving companions who desire to be with us and serve all through a committed and brotherly love.

We could create beings that would do our beck and call but they would not be what we desire because they would not have reached the goal through your own free will. Such companionship can only be obtained by taking a journey along the path of your own choosing. On this journey, you will always be in our presence or have the evidence of our existence. However, you have to choose your way based on faith, not by sight. We will now embark on that journey.

Are we committed?

We are committed.

Let it happen.

The Word of Elohim spoke out, “Hey-El, come forth.”

There before God, a light appeared. The light began to shimmer due to the presence of the power of the one who created it, Ruach-Elohim, God’s Spirit. The light, for the first time in its existence, bowed before his creator and spoke.

“Abba, my God”

“Hey-El. You are our son and we love you. You are our model of perfection, perfect in beauty and full of wisdom. You will be known as the cherub that covers. All of our creation, except Adam, will be at your beck and call, to do our will. Are you willing to perform the duties of your position?”

“Yes, my Father”

“To perform your duties, you will have others to help you.”

Upon saying this, The Word of Elohim spoke out again.

“Mich-El, Gabri-El, come forth.”

Once again, two lights came into existence, fluttering as the Spirit of God swirled around them.

“Adonai” they uttered as they fell on their faces.

Elohim responded, “Arise, you are B’nai Elohim, sons of God.”


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    Are there any biblical verses to back up your perception of precreation?


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