Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thank You For Your Prayers

I apoligize for not posting for the last few weeks. My wife has been in the hospital with double fungal pneumonia. Sounds gross. However, my wife is home but still on oxygen. I praise G-d for her improvement and all your prayers. G-d Bless you all in the name of the most high. I ask for your continued prayer.



  1. Hey man,

    I've been away for a bit also. Sorry to hear about your wife! I hope and pray that she gets well.
    How are you two doing at the moment? It must have been hard for you to see your wife so sick.

    May God be with you two all the way!

  2. Hey Dan,

    Thanks. Do me a favor and send an email to I would like to talk.

    Thanks for your prayers.

  3. Hey man,

    Sorry for the late reply. I emailed several days ago? Whatsup? I pray that all is alright!

    May His Holy Spirit be with you.