Friday, June 4, 2010

Why Did G-d Bless The Third Day Twice?

After a couple of emails asking about the double blessing of the third day of creation, I went back and found that I totally left that out. At best, I alluded to it but did not explain. I apologize. First of all, here are the two entries concerning this time period. They are:

Beginnings Of Man


There Went Up A Mist From The Earth

I believe that both Adam and the Garden of Eden were created on the third day. This is according to the scriptures as laid out in the two entries noted above. Adam and the garden were G-d's greatest creation. Therefor, G-d blessed the Third Day twice. On the lighter side, it shows that even G-d doesn't like Mondays. LOL :-)


  1. LOL,

    How are you doing Keith? Just wanting to catchup. How is your wife doing? Is she well?



  2. Hey Dan,

    I am doing fine now that I got my computer working correctly.

    Karrin is doing fine. As a matter of fact, we heading west again...talking about a glutton for punishment. If you remember, it was last years forest fire outside Los Angeles that caused her all her problems or at least that what the doctors feel. We are going to test that hypothesis in about 30 days.

    I know I've asked this a couple of times already. but how is married life treating you and Esther? Had that first fight yet? LOL

    Last, but not least, congratulations on the pregnancy. God Bless you and your family.