Sunday, April 5, 2009

Willing to Challenge Established Religious Tradition?

Believe it or not, many of today’s church leaders just don’t get it. I received a church newsletter in which the minister condemned a local resident of contradicting lawn decorations. The resident had ghosts, goblins, and witches in their front yard at Halloween, while a month or so later, the same house had a manger scene, angels, and a Santa Claus adorning their property. The minister went on to explain how this was very contradicting and it showed how this person and the whole community are in need of their guidance.

At first glance, this seems perfectly fine to the average church attendee. However, this same church will have; bunny rabbits at Easter, patriotic songs instead of songs of adoration on 4th of July, the hanging of the greens, a Christmas tree, and even Santa Claus during the month of December within their "sanctified" walls.

You see both groups are worldly, but in varying degrees. They fall into one of two groups; those who do it unknowingly, or those who do it while ignoring what G-d says about it. Many, who are reading this, will ignore this completely. They will not question what they have been taught, but will continue to be blindly led down that worldly path. However, you who continue to read this blog will be following the biblical example, to receive the message with all eagerness of heart, but search the scriptures daily, comparing it to the Word of G-d. Acts 17:11

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