Saturday, April 25, 2009

Genesis 1:5 G-d called the light day.

And G-d called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day.

Pretty self explanatory, G-d decided to call light by the name, Day. In Hebrew, it is yom. He also decided to call the darkness, night. Most will say that this proves that G-d was simply talking about a period of light and one period of night and both equals one day. No argument here. G-d intends us to look at this as one yom and that is good enough for me. G-d said it....I believe it.

As a side note, is it a 24 hour day? We can say with an utmost certainty that is was not. It is a fact that the earths daily rotation has been slowing down since sin entered into this world. Estimates within the scientific community inform us the days in the distant past range from 14 to 22 hours long.

The problem arises when you try to stretch that one day all the way back to verse one. Is it possible? Yes. Can we say with absolute assurance? N0. Others will say it proves all happened in one day because the same words are used. Again, possible but not absolute. What is the problem with exploring all possibilities as long as it doesn't go against the Word of G-d? Doesn't that say something about the PRIDE and arrogance of man, who thinks he has it all figured out and has all the answers?

Whether you believe it all happened in one day or over many years, doesn't it all come down to the fact that G-d did it all, and do you believe it?

In closing, one thing does keep me wondering and praying about it. Have you ever wondered why darkness or night is associated with evil, destruction, bleakness, etc., while light is associated with G-d, goodness, truth, etc. Could it be that these relationships have their origins to what could have possibly happened between verse one and two? Could it be that G-d wants it memorialized? Would that be just like our G-d?

As we keep our minds open to and discuss all possibilities supported by scripture, there is one thing we can rely on. G-d will explain it to us on the way up.

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