Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Genesis 1:6-8 Let There Be A Firmament, Part Two

And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.

Many of the naysayers insult those who believe in the literal interpretation of the Word of G-d, especially in this verse. They say we are too naive and stupid because we take it literally. They also try to add to our interpretation and again say it's stupid and uneducated. They say that there's no way there could be a solid dome of water above the firmament, known as the sky.

First of all, the bible never says there's a literal solid dome. Secondly, the solid dome interpretation is use in the poetic or figurative sense. The sad thing is that all these "educated scholars" had to do is look at a Hebrew dictionary. As for the firmament and the waters above and below, let's take it from their textbooks.

"If we assume that volcanoes five billion years ago emitted the same gasses as they do today, the earth's second atmosphere probably consisted of water vapor, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. These gasses were expelled from the earth's interior by a process known as outgassing. "

"The vast amounts of water vapor expelled by the volcanic earth resulted in the formation of clouds which, in turn, produced rain. Over a period of thousands of years, the rain accumulated as rivers and lake and ocean basins."

Check it for yourselves. http://ess.geology.ufl.edu/HTMLpages/ESS/GLY1033_notes/lecture1.html

Wow....That's as simple as it gets...and that's exactly what the bible says... no more ...no less. There was water below and above the firmament. Why do the naysayers continually misstate our interpretation? Because it's not the truth they want, it's the glorification of their god that they desire.

NOTE TO THE NAYSAYERS: Quit adding to and taking away from G-ds Word in a vain attempt to advance your agenda. Do you hate G-d that much? One thing we all can take to the bank is the fact that whether or not you believe in G-d, we all will stand one day before the throne of G-d and give an accounting. Are you comfortable enough with your postion that you can argue it before the creator?

As for the firmament being a dome "of protection", why not? Think about it. Think about what you know about our atmosphere. We'll discuss this tomorrow.


  1. Good one No Doubt. Are you going to discuss Pangea? I think it fits in here too as well.

  2. Thanks Mr. Gozreht. As for Pangea, I was going to bring it up during the discussion of verses 9 and 10.