Saturday, April 18, 2009

Genesis 1:2 And the earth was without form and void? Part Four

Shalom, I hope everyone had a peaceful Sabbath.

In continuing our discussion concerning Genesis :2, the other translation for this verse is the traditional rendering of "And the earth was without form and void. It this is what the verse intended to say, then it is a simple continuation of Genesis 1:1.

In Genesis 1:1, God creates the earth and the universe. And in Genesis 1:2 he then takes this unformed planet and began to mold it into the earth we know today, or something similar.

As mentioned in our last four blogs, there are problems with this translation.

1. It does not allow for the geological ages.
2. Its does not give a timeline for when Satan and the fallen angels.

and that's just a couple.

However, just because it doesn't explain these things, doesn't mean that it is incorrect. There is no solid irrefutable proof that the geological ages span the millions of years that the scientists want to accept as truth. Time estimates come from methods like carbon dating, which is inconsistent at best and the fact that certain artifacts and skeletal remains were found in layers of earth dated by unreliable methods. They determine the age a layer of earth by methods such carbon dating and then say that the skeletal remains are that old because they were found within that layer. This is not good science. Especially when everyone is told that the earth is ever changing with plate tectonics, earthquakes, other natural disasters such as flooding and volcanic eruptions.

Also, scientist wishes us to except the fact that the universe is approximately 15 billion years old based on the speed of light. They say that because the speed of light is constant, they can reliably ascertain the time in which the light from the farthest star took to reach the earth and wah-lah, that's the age of the universe. However, they ignore the fact that the speed of light could be slowing down. If true, then that throws all kinds of time estimates into the realm of doubt, such as carbon dating.

Later in the discussion of 6 days versus 15 billion years, we will discuss the fact of the speed of light possibly slowing down and its ramifications.

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